We are working towards seeing an end to young people experiencing homelessness throughout our communities in Australia. We want to make a change to the lives of homeless youth and we do that through developing and nurturing meaningful partnerships.

  1. Through the sale of our water from our customised Unite fridges.
  2. Through our merchandise collaborations created in conjunction with leading organisations who share our values.
  3. By partnering with incredible events around the country.

Our mission is to have a meaningful impact in this space, to do this we partner with Australia’s leading organisations who work directly with young people facing homelessness.

The issue of youth homelessness is an extremely complex one and we have identified four pillars that contribute to young people leaving home with nowhere to go; domestic violence, mental health, poverty and drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

By supporting our partners who combat these influences, we are able to channel our financial contributions across several organisations who work to prevent youth homelessness and help those who are already affected.

To date, The Unite Project has raised more than $398,130 to assist over 850 young people across Australia.